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A New Day, A New You part 2

“We miss you around her Lajita, you and Dalip,” He says breaking the hug and shaking the man’s hand.

	“Is this your new hand,” the woman, Lajita, asks looking at me.

	They introduce me but neither shakes my hand or do anything but extend basic pleasantries. Guy motions me to go shower and clean up. I’m clean and dressed even passing Natsuko on my way to the living room as she is getting ready to head out. I don’t pay attention but once in the living room I see that everyone is getting ready to leave as Rachael pulls me aside to talk.

	“Hey we’re all going out and while Lajita has a employee here to watch the children I’d like you to stay behind and keep an eye on things,” Mrs. Rachael asks and I feel a little left out,” I’ve never met this girl before and I just want someone the family trusts at home.”

	“I can do it,” I say a feeling a little better since she’s putting her faith in me.

	“Thank you, the children aren’t doing studies tonight and you know the bedtime routine for the most part,” Rachael tells me with a happy smile.

	I join the children in the living room and note the ‘employee’ that Mrs. Lajita brought to watch the children. White girl about 5’7” with dyed blonde hair that has darker roots and blue eyes, her build is a nice mix of curvy and firm with c cup breasts and good sized hips. I try not to focus on her but I watch as Lajita pulls her aside and goes over her instructions.

	“This is their house and while here Stuart is in charge, watch the children and I don’t want another problem like what happened last time I left you alone for the evening after the children went to sleep,” I hear Lajita tell her babysitter.

	It’s another hour or so before the adults leave and it’s just me, the sitter and six children in the home by ourselves. Guy hands me a card to order dinner and I almost laugh as I take a look, it’s not the one Richard left me; it has my name on it. The kids know their home more than I do and when I watch the flat screen TV come out from behind a wall panel on a control I feel like I’m living in the cool house. The boys, Connor and Murphy start asking me to put on movies and I find the ones they’re talking about and it’s all very kid appropriate when the sitter asks if we want snacks before we start the movie and I have to stop her.

	“We can’t have snacks when the kids haven’t had dinner,” I tell her and she looks at me funny.

	“Okay well what do you have in mind because I haven’t been over here before and don’t know their kitchen,” She tells me a little put off by my shooting down her snack plans.

	“Well I don’t know if the kids like pizza or not,” I get the words out and now I have six children chanting pizza.

	I get on the phone and discover that the local pizza place not only delivers but has the number on file so I don’t even have to give them the address. I over order just in case the children and I get super hungry. We start a movie, definitely a kid’s movie and I pause it when the pizza is delivered and the kids all grab disposable plates from the cupboard and as I dish up their requests from the four pizzas the babysitter helps with drinks. No soda in the fridge but plenty of juice and milk so the kids are able to eat and we rejoin the film already in progress as I allow them to eat in the living room. Mrs. Lajita’s kids and Guy’s have met before which helps but more so because they get along, with all the kids on the floor I’m sitting on the couch facing the TV with the babysitter at the other end quietly watching and eating. I watch her a little and realize that a polo shirt and jeans might not have been the best idea since I have female company in a long skirt and blouse. Her hair is done loosely around her shoulders and after a while she pulls feet up onto the couch and continues to watch the movie along with the kids and myself. One film down and onto the second as the kids have loaded themselves up on pizza and are full that snacks aren’t needed and we let them settle on the floor with pillows as we continue movie night. 


	Dinner and drinks in the best place I could share a meal with family and friends, my sister Liz’s house. Granted Kyle’s family wanted him to use their old house but Liz wanted new and closer to family which meant we live in the same neighborhood. Kyle and his family’s business has boomed and add to that the creative nightmare for the competition that Liz is when it comes to clothing and it’s been a prosperous deal all around. My business does well but I never have to buy clothing for my children ever in my life at the rate Kyle’s family business is going. We didn’t even need to drive over here we simply walked up three houses and were at their front door. Greetings exchanged and I find out that while Liz and Kyle are hosting I am treated to a few more surprises.

	“You made it,” Heather nearly shouts as she rushes over to us and gives Kori a hug before hugging me,” Ben said you’d be too busy with the apprentice.”

	“Never too busy to take a night away from the children and relax,” I state as we make our way into the sitting room.

	Yes I learned that there are living rooms but a big enough house has a TV room and a sitting room instead. The latter being a lone room with comfortable seating so we can all talk with minimal distraction. Liz is already entertaining more guests as my family; Lajita and Dalip along with Natsuko enter.

	“Hey big brother,” Liz greets me with a hug.

	I do a quick take of the room, Ben and Heather on one loveseat but not as close as I would hope for couple married for five years. Ben didn’t join up in my business right away opting for military service. He came back physically whole but he’s been worried about different things that I haven’t had time to ask him about. Thankfully when I approached him with a position and salary paying job he was more than willing to jump all over it. Heather on the other hand is second chair French horn in the Tacoma Symphony Orchestra.

	“Hey Kyle where is my niece,” I ask and see him grin a little.

	“With the most dangerous babysitter on the planet,” Kyle answers and I chuckle.

	I know who he’s talking about, my parents. I could have coordinated the babysitting but take that little two year old girl my sister had from my father now would be like trying to move the Rocky Mountains with a teaspoon.

	“Well my girls love being around their cousin so I’ll bring them by sooner than later,” I tell him as he hands me a scotch neat.

	Yes I drink but I make it a point to drink responsibly. One we are all within reasonable walking distance from home and two we’re all adults with no children in the immediate area. Add to that if something happens my Father will come over and sober people up quickly. I note Dalip still feels like an outsider but considering he’s been in country for only seven years I can understand his apprehension. Kyle and I have made it our mission to get the man out and let him breathe. Part of the time we have to contend with him being Lajita’s house husband but that is just something that happens.

	“I want to thank you Guy for welcoming me into your group of friends,” Dalip tells me privately as everyone is still socializing.

	“Dalip you are my friend. I will treat you just like everyone else no matter what,” I tell him and see something is wrong.

	“My Lajita says I need to listen to you about handling my business,” He tells me and I look shocked, didn’t know he had a business.

	“I will be glad to help, what is the business,” I ask him curious.

	“The family business, with my wife… our relations…,” I can see he’s scrambling for words as I almost shoot scotch out of my nose.

	“Wait she says you are having trouble with her in the bedroom,” I ask pulling him aside and keeping serious, no joking with an Indian man on sex.

	“Well she wants me to get more experience and I finally learned about your shared history,” I never talked about Lajita and my past with him, didn’t see a need to,” I am wondering how to get more experience without her having a direct hand in the situation. I was wondering how you get new women into your bed.”

	“Okay wow, I’m honored you’d talk to me about this first but since you know a bit about me and your wife I want you to listen to me carefully. You don’t need to learn from other women how to please your wife, she needs to tell you that herself. You know how to listen and you know how to get the job done, I mean you got two kids right,” I ask getting a smile.

	We end that conversation and I discover I need another drink; I need to talk to my old friend about her idea of husband coaching. A new set of voices come into the house and the quietest man I know and his loudmouth sister barrel in with their ginger friend.

	“Three of five starting on your Seattle Storm in this bitch,” Tracy yells out and we all cheer with her.

	I hug Tracy and Hanna who immediately finds Natsuko and they get right into the usual socializing whenever they are around each other. Isaac is my pride and joy when it comes to employees, granted I have like ten maybe if I wanted to count but Isaac is always there and when he got done with his time in college he was wondering when he finally got to go to work for me. It’s still a shame to me that he hasn’t found a woman yet but he’s young and we’re not cleaning up his messy relationships like in high school so that is a good sign. Tracy on the other hand had a messy divorce last year and at Isaac’s request and against Tracy’s wishes we intervened making sure the asshole ex wasn’t able to get anything that was hers.

	“Alright everyone it’s time to eat since you’re taking all my good alcohol now you eat my good food,” Liz says and we all laugh as we head into the dining area.

	I start to look around and suddenly realize that Stuart isn’t here, I thought I specifically stated I wanted him around for this. I catch the nearest pair of ears, Rachael and Lajita.

	“Ladies where is Stuart,” I ask and Rachael is quick to respond.

	“He’s home watching the kids honey,” She tells me trying to leave but I hold her fast.

	“Isn’t that why Lajita’s employee is there,” I ask and both of them laugh.

	“Guy, Candice is not even remotely qualified to watch my children let alone the twin terrors you have,” Lajita tells me chuckling,” She is there at your wives’ request to help out.”

	“Wait a minute, what is she there to help out with,” I ask and now they laugh a little and I start to get it.


	“You got the boys asleep,” Candice, the babysitter asks exiting the girl’s room.

	“Yeah they’re good kids,” I tell her and she nods before we head down the stairs.

	It’s not super late but nine at night is late enough for children to be heading to bed, at least they finished the movie they were watching. I start to clean up the mess taking care to make sure Guy’s living room is clear, it’s not my place and I figure it’s the right thing to do. After a small bit of work Candice joins me and taking a small pair of radios out sets them down on the table while we work, I can see their on.

	“What’s that,” I ask confused as I move the pizzas to two boxes.

	“Child monitors, if they have any problems we’ll be able to hear them and come running,” She tells me with a smile and I nod.

	I take out the trash and Candice loads the dishwasher but now we’re at the awkward stage, it’s not either of our place and we’re mostly alone.

	“Wanna watch some TV,” She asks and I nod lightly heading back to the living room.

	I let her have the remote and pick the show, I realize how much I’ve been out of contact with civilization. I have had nothing but people to speak with for months and now I’m looking at shows that are moderately interesting, I say moderately because women arguing about which girl gets to dance and which doesn’t makes me hope for a mom fight. We’re not five minutes into the show and I can feel something is odd in the room, oh yeah, Candice is watching me not the show.

	“So you’re like an intern or something,” she asks curious.

	“Something like an apprentice. I couldn’t help myself so Guy and his family are helping me,” I tell her simply.

	“Well that’s nice of him but what was so wrong with you that you needed help. I mean you’re not short or ugly, I think you’re kinda cute actually but what was so wrong,” 
Candice asks still checking for information.

	“Honestly I think I was just sad and pathetic and I looked the part,” I tell her and she looks at me funny,” I didn’t always used to be this thin.”

	“Oh no you do not get to pull fat kid status with me, you’re hard bodied and I’m over here eating celery and drinking kale juice to keep weight off,” Candice tells me and we both laugh.

	“I worked a farm for almost two months and got down to this from about three hundred pounds,” I tell her and she looks at me with a shocked expression.

	“Three hundred? No fucking way, I was like two forty two years ago,” She tells me and now I’m doing a double take.

	“What did you do to get the weight off,” I ask and she sighs.

	“Nothing easy, I tried everything but then I got to working for Lajita and she helped me along with a few of my coworkers and I got down to my curvy and healthy looking 
figure you see before you,” She says and wiggles her hips a little in the seat.

	“I know better than to ask, I may be inept with women but I know that much,” I tell her and she laughs lightly.

	Talking is good, I like talking with people and Candice is nice. We go over the basics, I’m in college for computers, and she’s an assistant to Lajita’s business and does a bunch of different things. I didn’t travel till Guy came along and she travels whenever she’s needed but get’s a bonus for travel. She lives locally and I am in California.

	“So you said you were inept with women but here I am and I like this, you’re sweet,” She says and I pause.

	“That’s friend zone language,” I tell her and she gives me the ‘Really’ look,” No shit I’ve heard it before along with the ‘we should hang out’ and ‘you’re a great guy’.”

	“Okay I get it but I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is,” Candice says moving over to me on the couch.

	And now she’s almost on top of me but when she leans in I don’t move away and she kisses me lightly. I’m a little surprised but I kiss her back and our mouths open a little and I feel her tongue lick my lips a little while she kisses me. Her hands take my face and I just touch her sides with mine as she continues showing me what a great kiss is. Finally after what seems like forever she slows down and leans away from me, I think she’s gauging me before calmly getting up off the couch and leaving the living room. I watch her go to the dining room and pick up the two monitors before she starts to wander the house looking around for a moment and finally looks back at me surprised.

	“Okay where is your room,” Candice asks plainly.

	“Down the hall first on the right,” I tell her and she starts to move but stops at the door looking at me.

	“Okay I’m not a great babysitter but I think a bed would work better if you’re going to strip me naked and make me scream,” Candice informs me as I must look surprised,” Cause there are kids here and they don’t need to see that yet.”

	I don’t like running, Guy takes me all week and I don’t like it. I will however run after a giggling blonde woman about my age and I’ll run gladly, thank god she’s not running away from me. We get in the room and once she puts the monitors down on the dresser I have our mouths and bodies collide as the soft kiss from a minute or so ago is now a frantic cry for intimacy. We haven’t moved from the middle of the room but my hands have her ass in them and I lift her up a bit getting a squeal and she bites my lip lightly. We’re fumbling at clothing like it’s a race and as soon as she gets to my underwear I’m a little nervous, Natsuko called it a monster but she’s a little Asian woman and she was being a bitch. Now I have Candice at the moment of truth and opt to back her onto my bed and pull her panties, a pink bikini cut, off and remember a bit of Lin’s instruction. I take my time licking and playing with her clit only to find that she’s already wet and more eager than I am it seems. She’s giggling a little as I lick her slit but when I put a finger in she stops giggling and moans at me.

	“I want to play too,” She pleads and I realize I’m in control.

	“I would rather have it last as long as it can, I don’t know if I’m going to get this lucky again anytime soon,” I tell her and she smiles at me lightly.

	I move back in and lick a little more as I feel her fingers stroking my hair and pull my briefs down with my free hand before kicking them to the floor. I try to move back in with my mouth but Candice has other ideas and shifts her body while pulling at me so that I’m almost on top of her. Before I can reconsider what is happening she pulls my hips with her hands and I’m pressing inside her pussy, and oh my god she’s hot. I think my dick is melting but damn this is good, she pulls me tighter to get more in but I’m not super sized but the shocked and pained expression Candice has on her face makes me feel better and I start thrusting in and out of her slowly taking my time and resting my weight on my elbows over her. She kisses me with intensity as I press my hips against hers and feel her squirm to get me deeper even though it’s not possible but I’d like it if I could. She’s rolling her hips against mine and I’m so excited I can feel my body tense and my balls boiling. I try to slow down a little and as I feel Candice clamp down on me a little.

	“Oh God I’m gonna cum,” I tell her and she goes from enjoying it to serious.

	“Pull out now, back up and lean back on your knees,” She tells me with more authority than I’ve heard from her all night.

	I do what she says a little shocked and put off, after Natsuko ‘using’ me I have reason to be. I however am very wrong about what is happening once I’m out and on my knees Candice sits up then gets on all fours facing me and starts sucking me off with a renewed vigor.

	“Oh fuck Candice I’m gonna cum,” I groan and feel something new.

	Candice doesn’t back off of me as much as keep the last two inches of me in her mouth and start jacking me off so that when I cum I do so right in her mouth. My toes curl and I think I could have blacked out for a microsecond but when my vision clears she’s sitting up in front of me and smiles before opening her mouth and showing me everything my balls had to give before letting me see her swallow it. I’m deflating and I feel my cock twitch at the sight of her not only wanting to take me but swallowing it without me saying anything. I’ve never said anything before when a female did or didn’t but this was great, she wanted to. I’m so distracted by my own personal triumph that I almost don’t notice Candice lowering herself as she takes me back in her mouth.

	“Candice I’m think I’m spent,” I tell her and she looks up at me.

	“Are you really spent or are you just quitting,” She asks me and now I’m a little confused and she’s got my back up,” I was cumming when you were and I wanted to taste you first. Now that we got the nice one out of the way how about you let me get that bad boy hard and you can fuck me so that I’m screaming like a bad babysitter.”

	Granite, diamonds, calculus in Swahili. All these things are soft compared to how hard Candice is making me with her words. She wants to do me again and she’s not one for waiting, and with her sucking me with enthusiasm I don’t want to wait either. I pull her mouth off my cock and she starts to roll onto her back but I stop her and turn her around on her hands and knees before moving up behind her and resting my head at the opening to her pussy. Candice giggles a little as I almost enter her but when I grab her hips tightly and slam the whole length of me inside her the giggles are gone and the grunting is there. I’m feeling pretty good and she’s really hot as I pound into her hard and deep letting the sound of my hips hitting her ass fill the room. For her part Candice is moaning low and long while I give her the fucking she deserves. I’m hitting my stride when I get a little crazy, I reach my hand from her hip up and grab a handful of her not originally blonde hair and pull her head back pounding her harder and faster.

	“Oh fuck me Stuart, fuck me like a bitch,” Candice groans and I pull harder.

	“I want you to cum for me, I want you to tell me that your cumming and then I’ll cum inside your pussy and you’ll like it,” I tell her firmly, for me this is crazy.

	“I’m on the pill so you can dump that baby juice in me anytime big man,” Candice says turning her head to face me,” Or do you think you can get me pregnant anyway, want to try Stuart? Prove you’re a superman and beat the one percent odds?”

	“Oh god you are so fucking wrong and hot,” I moan feeling my balls tighten for the second time.

	“And I’m your woman right now, fuck me harder please. I need it Stuart,” Candice begs me in a loud pleading moan.

	Candice’s arms collapse and her chest is resting on the bed, I let go of her hair but don’t stop my hips. Now at this angle I’m able to fuck her harder and deeper while she grabs my pillow and squeals for me.

	“I’m cumming Stuart, I’m cumming all over your cock,” Candice moans before burying her face in the pillow and screaming a little.

	I came pretty good earlier but now I’m fucking Niagara Falls of semen out my dick and into Candice. I pray her birth control is top of the line because cheap knock off pills would not cut it for this. I collapse onto her back and we flatten out on the bed with me falling out of her and both of us panting hard. I keep my weight off her before rolling to my side and watch as Candice staggers off my bed and grabs a dirty towel from the hamper before cleaning herself up.

	“You mister made a mess,” she tells me and even in the low light of the night I can see her smile.

	“We made a mess,” I tell her and she smiles before surprising me again.

	Candice drops the towel back in the bin and crawls back on the bed but not to sleep, I am amazed as she once again takes me in her mouth and starts to suck on me. It feels almost too much and as I’m about to beg her off she stops and moves so that we’re lying face to face. I give her another soft kiss and she licks my lips again before we curl up with me spooning around her and for the first time in forever I feel amazing.

	“We’re in so much trouble,” Candice giggles in the dark.

	“What did we do wrong,” I ask a little confused and tired.

	“I’m not supposed to be having sex on the job,” She tells me and I freeze, Lajita told her no,” I can go sleep on the couch but I don’t wan to move. Should I go anyway?”

	“No, fuck it. You like me and I like you. It’s not love but the kids are fine and we’re being responsible and if your boss doesn’t like it then she can deal with it,” I tell her and watch as she shifts to face me a little.

	“What about your boss,” Candice asks a little concerned.

	“He’ll either like it or he’ll tell me what I did wrong. Either way we did it, it’s done and now we get to sleep in a peaceful and relaxed mood,” I tell her calmly but inside I’m a little concerned.

	She falls asleep quickly and I almost follow her but something nags at me, what if Guy doesn’t like what we did and get’s pissed? What do I do then, ask for forgiveness? And his wife Rachael trusted me to be the responsible one, how do I face that?

	Warm sunshine through the cracks in the curtain, soft warm woman in the bed with me, this is good but I feel like I’m missing something. Oh yeah, I’m not up at the ass crack of dawn running. I smile when it occurs to me, why am I not running right now? I start to panic a little when Candice shifts a little and rolls over to see me.

	“Morning sleepy, think we should face the music,” She asks quietly and I nod.

	We get up and dress ourselves before quietly heading into the rest of the house. It doesn’t take long before I hear someone clearing their throat and see women in the living room, women meaning all of Guy’s wives and Lajita. They’re sitting around the room but the one who is looking at us the hardest is Lajita but it doesn’t seem like anger.

	“Come in and sit down both of you,” I hear Mrs. Kori tell us.

	We get seated on the love seat together at either ends like we’re about to be scolded when all eyes turn to Candice. I look to her and see no fear before the questions start, just not the ones I was expecting.

	“So how was he last night,” Mrs. Lajita asks in a calm tone,” How far back are his problems?”

	“Honestly not too far back, he’s got an honest and sweet nature about him that was good but he’s afraid of being turned down so I had to initiate,” Candice explains and now I’m confused.

	“So he needs confidence, how were his skills,” Mrs. Lajita asks and now I’m feeling embarrassed.

	“Honestly he was a five out of ten, he kisses great but he’s afraid of a girl seeing his penis when he doesn’t have a reason. He’s not small maybe 7 ½ inches but he’s pretty thick. It was good once he got going then I he was going to orgasm too early so I finished him off orally,” Candice says embarrassing me to the newest level of shame.

	All the women in the room are looking at me and it’s like they’re taking fucking notes, it’s my sex life not a project they can figure out. Okay so I’m a five but she was enjoying me last night. The look on my face has to speak volumes to my hurt and offended mood when Candice keeps talking.

	“But then I have to say he was an eight out of ten,” and that causes all the women to pause and assess Candice and not me.

	“Okay how does he go from a five out of ten to eight out of ten in a couple hours,” Mrs. Imelda asks being very pointed in her question.

	“Honestly he got comfortable, I got done with him and he started getting hard a little so I did more oral to him and then he took charge. I was on my hands and knees at first but we were verbally engaging each other and while he didn’t spank me there was good hair pulling till he buried my face in the pillow and came inside me,” Candice reveals the second half of our time together and now I’m going to die.

	“So when he was able to find his comfort zone with you he performed well, and you orgasmed,” Mrs. Lajita asks and I see the device in her hands, she is taking notes.

	“Oh yes, it was very good. I thought he’d be able to the first time but he more than made up for it the second time. He’s a little slow to start but he has passion and that really helps. I am going to say for our first time if I wasn’t assessing him I’d date him,” Candice informs the room and I’m so confused I don’t know what I want.

	“Stuart you look like you’re running the gauntlet of emotions right now so I want you to calm down for a second and look at the women in this room,” Rachael says and I look around,” We’re not here to mock you. We take this very seriously and a big part of your existing problem stems from your lack of sexual activity and your doubts about your own prowess.”

	I look at the women assembled and see Mrs. Rachael isn’t lying to me. All of them, save for Lajita, have very concerned looks but they aren’t critical or mocking. Mrs. Lajita however is going through some major writing on her tablet and I wonder how much more surprise assessments I’m going to be hit with.

	“Okay so why lie to me,” I ask and that’s where Lajita stops taking notes to address me.

	“And have you treat it like a test, life is not a test and neither is lovemaking. You get better with instruction and practice but if you go in just trying to impress you make yourself a fool and you lose all your feelings with the person. You needed to be yourself so that we could figure out what to do and I can now work on things for you to study and read,” Mrs. Lajita says and I’m feeling a bit spent already.

	I don’t make a scene mind you; I’m not running away in a huff. I just stand up and calmly walk back to my room. I can hear the women talking behind me but right now I need my own thoughts and all of them say the same thing, WHAT THE FUCK!? A sex test? Did they get a hooker? Are they going to parade my sex life around to dissect it so that they can figure out why little Stewie can seem to get a woman off the first time? I’m pacing my room when a light knock at the door stops me and I calmly open it to find Candice on the other side.

	“Can I come in please,” She asks and I realize I can say no.

	“Sure, might as well,” I say letting her in.

	She moves to the bed and sits down as I’m standing there. I can tell she’s looking at me like she’s waiting for something and finally I sit down on the bed. We’re facing each other and completely on the bed as I’m wondering what she’s here to test now.

	“You’re feelings are hurt by the test,” She tells me more than asks.

	“Well at least you figured it out,” I reply feeling a little bitter.

	“Hey you want the truth; I was fat two years ago. I was also failing miserably at my culinary classes. I hated who I was and when the group of us trainers, we’re actually trainers and licensed, were asked to do some work for Lajita pro bono I was the first one to volunteer,” Candice tells me with soft honesty.

	“Why take up training men how to have sex? And why me,” I ask and she scowls at my failing confidence.

	“Because of everything we talked about last night, you weren’t a picture. There was detail and when they told us you went through the weight loss and were worried about your confidence I wanted to be here because I was there too. I would have loved to tell you that I was here to see what problems you were having but you needed to feel comfortable and aside from you drinking around children keeping it a secret was the best way,” She tells me with a light smile.

	“Yeah except now I feel like a monkey in a cage,” I tell her leaning back against the head of the bed.

	“Okay so now let me ask you a question,” Candice starts and I wait patiently,” Did I lie about myself to you last night? I’m not talking about keeping things from you I mean lie about myself?”

	“It didn’t feel that way,” I reply quietly.

	“Stuart I have been honest about everything we did and now I’m giving you the last bit. I enjoyed it, the talking and playing with the kids too. I usually don’t know what to do with kids but you had a plan and it worked. All that had me feeling all womanly towards you by the time we went to bed. Yes I guided our conversation but you wouldn’t have touched me if I didn’t make the first move and I was hot for you so bad you could have gone after me on the couch and I would have liked it,” She says and I look at her funny.

	“I could have just done you right there no problems,” I ask and she nods.

	“Stuart I wanted to be the one to help you because we have had some similar problems but attraction isn’t something we can fake. Then the biggest thing that I told them that you need to hear is that after everything all the hot sex when we slept you held me. That made things so much better for me and sometimes training people isn’t fun and sexy, it’s boring and makes you want to vomit,” Candice states with emphasis crawling up next to me and moving in to be held,” I enjoyed last night and when we do it again I’ll enjoy that too. Granted I have some things to show you but you’ll get better and better and if an eight the second time left me with a smile then I think we can get you to an eight the first time.”

	“Wait you’re coming back to have sex with me again,” I ask and she nods.

	“I don’t have to but your nice and you need someone nice to show you these things,” Candice tells me and finally looks me in my eyes,” Unless you want to try to find someone else?”

	Okay I have a volunteer trainer that likes me and wants to show me more about sex. I like her is the big thing, I don’t know love but she’s nice to me and she could have been a lot more like a teacher out in the living room but she came in here to check on me. That says something right? I think it does anyway. I will have to speak with Guy on the subject, pop quiz with an orgasm isn’t something I expected or even thought I could comprehend.

	The next few hours pass quietly with Candice talking to me in the room and finally we rejoin the rest of the house as the women are talking about subjects not related to my sex life. Eating leftover pizza and listening as the women discuss businesses I finally ask the burning question.

	“How do you have women to train men in sex? Are you a pimp or something,” I ask Lajita and the laughter that follows is deafening.

	“I am not something as crude as a pimp or madam my dear boy,” Mrs. Lajita says calming her laughter.

	“There are books on sex but this woman has rewritten them to help people like you and worse,” Mrs. Kori says getting up from the table.

	I sit and wait as she comes back with not one or two but three thick hard back books all about the subject of sex and intimacy in the modern world. All of them written by Lajita who I now should be calling Dr. and not Mrs.

	“Wait you’re a sex therapist,” I ask and she nods,” So I’m getting professional help with my skills in sex. I’m not sure that is a good thing or bad thing.”

	“Stuart I’ve known you the longest and let me tell you that most guys the first time aren’t a five let alone an eight the second time. Granted you two are compatible as all fuck but a five isn’t nothing to look down on the first time,” Mrs. Katy tells me with her brash honesty,” And like all of us have said we’re here to help you get better.”

	“Stu we’ve all seen pictures of the bitches. It’s not hard Jun is a computer nut and we don’t want you pining after them, we want them begging to be hanging off the end of your dick,” Mrs. Kori tells me with a firm tone,” I mean gagging on it like a monkey on an elephant’s trunk.”

	And the whole room busts out in laughter and the women tell Mrs. Kori how ‘bad’ she is but I think about it and maybe they’re right. I’m smart and underappreciated, I should have them coming after me now and not chasing them like I was. We’re all greeted by the sound of screaming children as they come tearing through the house and proceed to tell their mothers about the fun they had out with their Daddy. Candice packs up her things and starts to leave with Dr. Lajita but not before I get a kiss and told that we’ll be seeing each other very soon. It’s barely three in the afternoon as I see Guy head up stairs after whispering something to Katy who grabs me by the arm and leads me back to my room.

	“Back of the closet in the white bag, shower first and put it on after that come see me and I’ll do something about your hair,” Mrs. Katy tells me and now I’m interested in what’s happening.

	I follow Katy’s instructions and find a black suit with white shirt and tie; I think the color is lavender. I look at the label and see the tie is silk like the lining of the coat. I am dressed up as best I can be considering I’ve never worn a suit before and exit my room. I’m at the living room with enough time to be pulled by Mrs. Katy who has hair care products and tools, a lot of them. I don’t know what she’s doing to my head but when she’s done my mop of brown hair that I’ve grown over the months is styled straight back on my head and covered in gel and crap so that it won’t move save for a wind storm. Guy joins me in a black suit with red tie that looks as expensive as mine.

	“We’ll be going with Ben and Isaac today, Ben is on the clock and Isaac is en route,” Guy tells his wives and I guess me.

	“Okay are you taken care of with hardware,” Mrs. Katy asks and now I’m wondering what we’re doing for computers?

	“Ben is on that, and I’ll be taking my car,” He tells the wives and they all look at him like he’s insane.

	I watch as he hugs his wives before motioning me out to the garage after him. I step inside and that’s when I take notice that there are few vehicles in here that I’ve never seen before since the SUV’s I’m usually driven around in are parked out front but these I’m guessing are special. We pass the obvious bikes, three speed bikes and one scary as hell heavy bike to stop at a car under a tarp.

	“The wives make me keep it under the tarp because they want a chance to talk me out of driving her,” he tells me pulling it back to show me some black and red monster,” 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500, I’ve taken her out a couple times in the past year but every time I seem to make my wives nervous.”

	I’m standing in the garage with Guy and a legend; well I think it’s a legend since I’m not a big car guy. We hop in and the car and exit out the back to the drive way slowly and down to the street where Guy stops and puts the car in park. I watch as he puts on gloves and sunglasses before dialing up some music on his system. Hard guitar riffs start and I can feel the engine as he’s getting ready for something when a man’s voice comes out the radio screaming 1-2-3-4 and Guy guns the engine flying down the road and nearly causing me to shit my pants. I have my seat belt on and the handle of my door in my hand as he drives like a mad man screaming down the road.

	“Sir we’re going a little fast,” I scream and see him smiling,” And we’re taking these turns awfully close.”

	“Yes Stuart, yes we are,” is his reply to me as we continue our trip to the hospital, because we’re going to die in a car crash.

	After what could have been years off my life we pull into a parking garage and Guy is smiling as he exits his car. I peel myself out of the seat to find Mr. Ben and Mr. Isaac standing next to a truck and a Porsche.

	“Did you tell your wives you were taking the mistress out today,” Isaac asks Guy laughing.

	“Not till about four minutes before we exited the driveway,” He tells them chuckling.

	“Sir on a serious note he’s in his office now, one secretary but it’s a community office. People coming in and busting down a door there aren’t going to go unnoticed,” Ben tells Guy and that’s when I see the guns.

	Pistols really but Guy and his employees are all arming up and then I realize that nobody has handed me one yet. They get done and we start to leave when Guy looks at me like something is off.

	“Stuart will be in the room with me, he keeps asking about business and this should be a good introduction. Just follow my lead Stuart and remember if you don’t have a gun use what you have,” Guy tells me as we walk up to an office building.

	We get inside and take the elevator up except for Ben who stops at the lobby and sit down. Up to the third floor and out the elevator we stop at a secretaries desk, a middle aged black woman that Isaac steps behind the desk and she starts to get mad.

	“Hey beautiful, what are they doing keeping you behind this desk all day,” Isaac says to the secretary as I follow Guy and we keep walking.

	We’re moving down the hall with a purpose and once we’re at the office door of one Mr. Barton, Private Investigator. Guy doesn’t knock on the door he walks in to a confused man, the same one I grabbed from taking pictures of Guy’s kids in the park.

	“Excuse me but you don’t have an appointment,” Mr. Barton says as we enter and I close the door behind us.

	“And you taking pictures of my home and family didn’t have any sense so let’s cut to the chase Linus. Who hired you,” Guy asks moving in front of the man’s desk and standing over him as Mr. Barton still seated.

	“Look Mr. Donnelly I’m not going to pretend to explain my work to you but I will not be threatened by you or your employees,” Mr. Barton says as I come around the desk and back him up away from it.

	“There are two ways this goes down Linus, one you give me the information that you have on your client and I decide how I’m going to handle them,” Guy says before 
looking to me then back to Mr. Barton,” Or you’re going to give me the information and some of your teeth.”

	“I am not someone you can just walk in and bul--,” I stop him by grabbing his head and mouth in each hand and hold his face tight.

	“Sir do you have a pair of pliers so I can get one of his molars,” I ask Guy who starts chuckling.

	“I didn’t think to bring tools for a long term engagement but why not just punch him till they fly out,” Guy replies to me chuckling.

	Mr. Barton starts struggling against me but I’m a lot stronger and finally Guy waves me off of him and I allow him to move taking my hands off his head but I don’t back off.

	“Mr. Donnelly I was asked to get information about you and I can give you all of what I have but telling you who hired me is against policy,” Mr. Barton tells my mentor as Guy simply smiles at him.

	“Yeah and that would work great but you do research on your own clients when they put you onto a job that might get you in trouble and you keep all that on your computer,” I hear a voice come out of his speakers I recognize,” Yeah you’re being hacked and now that I have everything maybe you should ask about some sort of payment for the work you’ve been doing for us.”

	“What the hell?! Who is that? What have you done,” Mr. Barton exclaims now very upset.

	“I put a wireless tap into your computer while we’ve been talking my friend has been digging into every file you have. Tell me which one is the one that put you onto me and not only will we leave all your other files alone I will pay you for the information you’ve gathered,” Guy tells him sitting down in a chair and motion for me to back off.

	“It’s the file named Mrs. Montgomery, she’s the one who hired me,” Mr. Barton tells us and I can almost hear his spirit breaking.

	“Boss we have a winner, your information is pulled and I’ll have the file in your home PC with some additions before the end of the day if needed,” Jun says over the box.

	“Take your time Jun and forward five K to Mr. Barton, he’s having a pretty bad day,” Guy says and I hear the speakers shut off on his computer.

	“This will kill my reputation,” he says and Guy laughs.

	“You have a reputation for being cheap and not very subtle, I’d take some time to figure out how to employ some stealth and subterfuge when you start taking pictures of someone like me,” Guy informs him as we exit the office.

	We start to pass the secretary desk and see her smiling at Isaac and they exchange numbers before the three of us get to the elevator and head down stairs. We meet up with Ben and are back at the parking garage where they put their weapons away and finally they all look at me.

	“Well Stuart explain yourself,” Guy says and now I’m regretting grabbing Mr. Barton.

	“You were threatening him sir and I figured you wanted me there to do something other than stand and look like a goon in a suit,” I tell him and all of them smile.

	“What exactly did he do,” Isaac asks Guy still smiling.

	“I told Linus that we’d take his teeth if he didn’t start giving us the information and Stuart grabbed him by the head and asked for pliers,” Guy says and now the three of them are chuckling.

	“Wait I didn’t do anything wrong,” I ask confused.

	“I’d say you did something right,” Ben says heading towards his truck.

	“I agree,” Isaac says heading to the Porsche.

	I follow Guy and we get into his car aka the machine that makes me nearly shit my pant. We sit and watch the rest of them leave before Guy backs out of the parking spot and takes us out on the road at a more reasonable pace.

	“So that was good back there, you took it upon yourself to get involved in the situation and you backed up what I was saying with action,” Guy tells me as we head towards his home.

	“I figured you wanted me there for a reason so I just did something,” I reply watching him as he drives.

	“I wanted you there to see how you’d react. Instead of just standing there and watching you participated, doesn’t sound like Stuart from a few months ago does it,” He says and I nod,” Well I know a few women who will be proud to hear it, now let’s see what my mistress can do on the way home.”

	The rest of the trip home is one that reminds me that adult diapers are not just for old people as Guy spends his time proving that I can be scared shitless.

Guy: That Evening

	I am sitting in my office reading over the file that Jun has, the Beatrice Montgomery is not someone I’ve worked for or on before so why is she looking me up. Her financials are currently crap from what Jun has shown me she’s a mother of two and was recently employed with Jenkins Lumber out of Oregon.

	“Okay so Jun my brother explain to me what you think because I’m not coming up with anything on this woman other than a black woman who used to work at a lumber conglomerate of sorts,” I tell Jun who has been video conferencing with me for the last hour.

	“Well that’s where things went into my territory Guy, she’s been railroaded out of her position by her now ex boyfriend and he’s got a man with computers on his side that changed documents to make her look incompetent so that they wouldn’t let her back in,” Jun tells me plainly reading,” Honestly I think she’s violating our standard policy of don’t call us we’ll call you.”

	“A client, what is she going to pay me with,” I reply scoffing.

	“Thing is her ex wants to cut the company apart for fast cash and be done. She’s looking at saving jobs and the business. I mean we can invite her up and see what she has to say but if we go after them you need to handle his computer man in the real first then let me push things through to put her back in her spot,” Jun tells me and I nod.

	“Biggest problem Jun is we don’t advertise, someone broke policy and told her otherwise she would never have got this close and it’s my children in photos. One way or the other I’m going to make her uncomfortable first then she can tell me the truth. Make arrangements for a week from now, I think we need to sit down in her home and see how she likes an invasion of privacy,” I tell Jun who shakes his head at me chuckling.

	“Okay but why wait a week,” Jun asks plainly.

	“I’m still working on Stuart and after the sex test my wives told me about after the fact I want to make sure he’s doing alright before leaving him to Katy and Imelda to work on his form. I’m just trying to make sure he comes along without too many bumps,” I tell my friend before we sign off.

	Stuart did good today, need to get him to show some real aggression on his own but he’s not doing poorly. I review the information on Mrs. Montgomery; hope you have some good answers lady because I don’t like people getting close to my family without knowing their motives.;u=1522306